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Our Philosophy

We have set our business the task of delivering quality products at affordable prices. We realize that small and large fundraising organisations, struggle to get initial funding to pay for collection products. We aim to help by investing into stock, this enables us to sell products which are not rising constantly in price. Having sold to major Charities, we understand that price and delivery are crucial in the charitable sector. As after all, maximizing the amount donated is what matters most.

Our Passion

Our passion is simple, we want to see change happen. We want to see people generously donating towards a worthy cause, your cause. We understand that the income generated by coin collection is a vital part of fundraising. A process aided by the use of our specialised, high quality and professional collectors. We want to see the Great British public supporting unpaid volunteer services and critical support teams throughout the UK and abroad. Whether the charity large or small, we believe the causes to be equally important, and worthy of support.

Our Vision

Our vision is simple, we aim to become a one stop shop fundraising supplier. With a range of products designed for specific needs, which will inspire generous public donations.

Alpha fundraising supplies, your cause is our cause.

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